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Introducing EXCLUSIVE by Remi Cachet®.

 Exclusive in name, superior quality Indian hair 

Honoured to be one of the first  Super Stylists in the U.K. 

to exclusively offer this range

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Exclusive by Remi Cachet® 

Exclusive by Remi Cachet® was launched at an exclusive showcase event  

 March 2017  to the press and super stylists.

Exclusive by name; exclusive by nature. Exclusive by Remi Cachet is their highest grade of hair extension from the luxury brand and will only be distributed through their exclusive chain of Super Stylists. Remi Cachet has also gone one step further and attained exclusive agreements direct with the Indian hair temples to secure the finest quality hair in a good supply.

Launching with two hair wefts initially in a 50g and 100g weights for the volume lovers; 

and are available in over 35 natural shades and 16” or 20” lengths.

“We wanted to create something different, something exclusive not just

for our Super Stylists but for their lucky clients. We have an Indian hair range,

but we truly know the origin and quality of this exclusive range is far superior and

we are proud to launch Exclusive by Remi Cachet™.” Victoria Lynch, founder of Remi Cachet.

Remi Cachet are known for their choice of hair extensions with different application methods and different

choices of hair quality from different sources – all 100% human hair. 

This Exclusive range use ethically sourced Indian hair, as many believe this to be the very best

quality. Blending beautifully with western hair with a natural wave and strong healthy

structure, which allows the extension to last over 12 months with good care; creating truly enviable hair.

Indian hair is donated at temples as part of a religious ritual known as ‘tonsuring’ 

where Hindu’s shave their heads in offering the gods. This hair is then sold for various uses, with hair extensions being the biggest commodity.

“It was crucial that we have taken the step of dealing direct with the temples to secure a

consistent supply and high quality supply of the hair. We are delighted how testing has gone

and are ready to share this hair with our Super Stylists.” Victoria Lynch,