Do you or someone you know suffer with Hair thinning, Hair loss or a scalp issue?

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Hair loss can be devastating for many women.

I have spent   years  training and will be  forever learning  about  many hair loss solutions that are  available on the market today . 

I can offer human hair clip in hair topper systems, synthetic clip in options and custom hair volumizers.
Banbury Postiche have been providing hair loss solutions for more than 80 years, and have transformed the lives of so many.
I am delighted to part of their specialist network and become a regional specialist . To offer you the very latest 21st century hair loss solution that combines their technical knowledge, expertise in hair replacement and creative hairdressing to bring you the ultimate hair loss solution.

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The Remi Cachet  Master Parting is a hairpiece specifically designed for hair loss and hair replacement 

 Founder of Remi Cachet, Victoria Lynch, has over 13 years’ experience working with hair loss clients and had been using the Master Parting on her own clients for many years and created the bespoke design. 

 With a growing demand within the industry for more products to support clients seeking high-quality hairpieces, fellow extensionists approached Victoria to release the product As part of their most popular range, the Elegance hair is 100% human hair sourced from Russia and Mongolia and hand-selected to be the finest hair which lasts up to 12 months with good care. The hairpiece is handmade, and the hair is injected into the monofilament top with clips added as one option for fitting. Other methods include removing the clips to stitch to a lace system or closure system, or to work with micro rings to secure the piece in place. 

 The application method would depend entirely on the client’s issues and the best method for them.

The piece is available in 19 shades,including root stretch  , in 18” length 

Hair Volumisors

Hair Volumisors provide a solution for women who do not want to wear a wig but whose hair is too thin for hair extensions.

A Volumisor is a Hair System specially​ made to add volume and length to thinning hair.

Volumisors are made of a stretchable and self-moulding silicone base that allows the Volumizer to be worn comfortably and securely.

Natural hair is drawn through mesh like base, so that ultimately the your natural hair and the volumisor blend seamlessly.

 The volumisor is secured in place without the use of , heat or weaving.

You can have total confidence the Volumisor will remain securely on, whether you are swimming or showering.

Volumisors once applied are totally undetectable from your ' natural hair.

The Postiche Lite Hair Volumisor it is the very latest hair loss solution for very fine thinning hair, from 5/6 months post chemo .coverage of bald patches, added volume and density.

Constructed from the very finest mono silk base, made with top quality Eurotex hair, the volumiser will blend invisibly into your own hair and give you a solution that you can wear continually and keep in tip top c​ondition with regular salon visits,

3 Years in design, development & testing

Quick, Easy Affordable Hair Loss Solution

Use on Fine, Thinning hair or even Female Pattern Baldness

Finest quality construction, ultra lightweight, breathable

Eurotex Hair, colour and style just like any hair

Continuous wear with regular salon maintenance

Working with

 Little Miss Wigs provides an individual service in the private comfortable surroundings a. Qualified hairdresser and NHS approved.