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Remi Cachet Stylists

 so many great Remi Cachet Stylists all over the world but in 2015 we created a band of Super Stylists who have shown incredible dedication to the brand. We currently only have 42 Super Stylists who have shown their amazing skills & expertise, as well as regular business proving just how popular extensions really are.

Here are just three reasons why you should visit a Super Stylist when you are looking to make your next extension appointment:

They are truly experts in their field, with most of their salon work based on hair extensions. And with such a wealth of experience under their belt you can take their work as the best, and who doesn’t want the best?

These stylists really are talented. Many of them work across our different application methods to be able to offer you greater choice and the best extensions to suit your lifestyle. We individually approve their application each method so ask to see their certificate for this.

They also are they only stylists to get their hands on  Exclusive by Remi Cachet range® – this is our highest-grade Indian hair and the ultimate hair extensions. 

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